Continuing Professional Development




Marketing For Therapists

A weekend course designed to show you the fundamentals of self marketing and how this can vastly improve your business.

  • Finding and marketing to your niche
  • Applying facebook to promote your business
  • How to use Google Adwords
  • Build a simple WordPress website
  • Networking: The pro’s and con’s from an expert

Parts Therapy

An in-depth look at what Parts Therapy is and how it can work for your clients.

  • Different styles

Fork In The Path | Inner Dialogue | Internal Family  | Inner Conflict Resolution

  • Parts Therapy Theory and when to use it
  • What if things go wrong?
  • Solutions to clients being ‘in their heads’
New Skills Training
New trainig goals

Age Regression

Age regression can be one of the most useful and satisfying ways in which to ease your client without leaving them feeling ‘raw’ or ‘open’.

  • Ab-reactions in regression
  • Dangers of regression
  • Techniques to facilitate regression
  • When to use age regression
  • When to use age regression
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