Why Not Discover The Power Of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy By Studying Our Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course? 

When you come to our weekend 'taster course' you will find it is a good introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy where you can learn how the lives of people can be helped significantly. 

Our Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course Is A Good Introduction To Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy 

You will gain a Certificate In Hypnotherapy by studying this highly acclaimed, two day Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy and learn the amazing powers of hypnotherapy and how to help treat many life affecting conditions. This course is equivalent to the first module of the Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course and is a good introduction to how hypnosis and hypnotherapy works. 

Course Overview 

You will be trained by one of the UK’s top accredited Hypnotherapists, Chris Fleet 
2 day weekend course held at The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy, Paignton, Devon 
One of the most comprehensive UK Certificate In Hypnotherapy Courses & includes in depth theory about hypnosis and hypnotherapy & a wealth of practical hypnotherapy training 
You will gain a Certificate In Hypnotherapy on successful completion 
Your certificate is equivalent to first Module of The Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course (A Diploma is required to practice hypnotherapy professionally) 
You will have the opportunity to upgrade to Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course with full refund of this course payment 
Full Money Back Guarantee after Day 1, if the course is not suited to your needs 

You Will Learn: 

What an amazing skill learning hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be 
How peoples’ live can be improved significantly through hypnotherapy 
About the many practical uses for hypnotherapy 
Which life affecting conditions can be helped by hypnotherapy 
How hypnosis and hypnotherapy works & how it can control parts of the brain 
About the inner workings of the human brain, the conscious mind and the subconscious mind 
How to hypnotise someone safely 
Some of the methods of one of the UK’s top accredited Hypnotherapists 
The history of hypnosis 
How you can make Hypnotherapy a career 

The First Module Of A Full Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training Course 

The Certificate In Hypnotherapy is the first stage of learning how to become a professional hypnotherapist. The course equates to Module One of the Diploma In Hypnotherapy course. If you so wish to upgrade to the Diploma In Hypnotherapy course, this module can be transferred and you will receive a full refund for the cost of this course.  
When you become a fully qualified hypnotherapist you will be able you to help treat many conditions such as anxiety, stress, depression, fears and phobias. Such hypnotherapy treatments are becoming increasingly popular as they can work very well and work without the use of prescriptive drugs. This is creating a large demand for fully qualified hypnotherapists, for which you will require a Diploma In Hypnotherapy. 

Cost Of Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course 

Full price £185.00. Early Bird Discount ~ Be One Of The FIRST FIVE To Book & Pay For Your Place & Receive A 10% Discount (Pay £165.00 instead of £185.00). 
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