Ali was one of our students a few years back, her background was working in corporate setting for the British Red Cross. 
Ali was a little bit nervous but also quite excited when she came to her 1st class. She took the certification course, which is in many ways a taster session for the whole Diploma. The certification course teaches people how to put others into hypnosis and Ali did OK, but I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that she didn’t set the world alight. Most of the information for the certification course is in written format and Ali struggled to get past reading the script word for word and ‘putting herself’ into it. 
If I’m completely honest I was pleasantly surprised when Ali said that she wanted to continue and take the full Diploma. 
The first few modules are relatively easy with a combination of practical and theory and lots of scripts. When it comes to the 3rd module pupils are asked to use their own imagination / initiative. Now Ali has a great imagination and lots & lots of initiative, but she struggled quite a bit getting the concept of the fork in the path, a vital part of training. 
We talked it through, we walked it through, we drew it on the board and repeated it over and again – and then it fell into place….. 
Suddenly, Ali began to flourish, her voice became more confident, her body language subtly changed. Ali became a star pupil, whatever concept we put to her from parts therapy, through age regression and more she just got it. 
Once Ali qualified she set about getting her business set up. She researched offices to work and has an office in Dawlish. Ali has built a website and has been busy networking with health professionals throughout the area. 
She specialises in weight loss hypnotherapy and has people travel to see her specifically for weight loss. She also offers her hypnotherapy services via skype. She has studied other talking therapies such as counselling and CBT and has already earned back her investment in the course and is fast becoming well known in the area for the work she does. 
If you want to know more about Ali and the work she does take a look at the link below and give her a call – initial consultations are free too. 
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